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Commercial Inspections
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Drone Light Show
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Using drone technology to change the world.

Our vision is to create a network that will provide innovative and cost-effective solutions throughout all industries. We believe that everyone should have access to beneficial services in order to create an efficient, innovative and vibrant living environment.

- Charlie Hermosa, President

Guam's 79th Liberation Drone Show

Virtual Inspection in Construction Engineering

We are excited to offer our VICE department or Virtual Inspection in Construction Engineering. Leveraging AI driven drones to create three-dimensional scans of objects or job sites to allow inspectors or teams to perform their duties remotely. 

Benefits Offered by Virtual Inspections

1. Reduce On-Site Visits- Ensure the workplace is safe with a drone before sending employees. Engage stake-holders without having to visit real-life location. 

2. A more efficient system - When a problem arises, there is no delay or disruption of work. Wear VR goggles to start assessing and create solutions.

3. Cost control - VR and drones can cut cost on man-power and extra materials required.

4. Ease of workflow - Seeing the bigger picture in a literal sense can speed up the problem solving and presentation process.

Commercial Inspection

Especially beneficial for infrastructure or industrial inspections in hard-to-reach locations, a drone or Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) equipped with thermal-imaging can quickly and safely locate problem spots or inefficiencies. 

Visual Drone Inspection
Thermal Drone Inspection 
3D Drone Mapping

- Performed by FAA licensed Part 107 Pilot
- NDAA Complaint Drones

Drone Light Show

A TRULY ELECTRIFYING EXPERIENCE! We make your story come to life with well designed and choreographed light shows.

Amazingly bright LED Lights 
Custom Show Design
Environmentally Friendly
Brand Impact
New Form of Advertising 

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Upgrade your building maintenance process with the latest in drone technology, using EPA approved solutions. This innovative approach offers a more efficient, cost-effective and safer way to soft wash your buildings. 

Faster. Affordable. Safer! 

Performed by an FAA Licensed Part 107 Pilot

Video Production

Drone filming is a dynamic type of aerial filming with several benefits for filmmakers:

Reduced cost for aerial footage compared to helicopters
Filming in small or confined spaces helicopters cannot access
Capture new perspectives outside the usual vision from the ground
Capture many different things from the air, such as landscapes, sporting matches, and buildings

Performed by an FAA Licensed Part 107 Pilot

Package Delivery

Remote Piloted 
Delivery done within Visual Line of Sight 
Customized delivery for special events. 

Performed by an FAA Licensed Part 107 Pilot

Search & Rescue (SAR)

Map out disaster zones. When the mission requires a full understanding of the surrounding terrain, drones can map the area faster and safer than traditional methods. Drones can see what humans can’t. With a thermal camera you can identify missing people who may not be visible based on their body heat. Drones also limit the amount of time SAR workers need to be out in a danger zone by allowing them to access the site from a distance and only go where they need. 

- Performed by FAA licensed Part 107 Pilot

- NDAA Complaint Drones


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