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Drones in America | Feature

On January 20, 2021, Drones in America, a podcast by Market Scale hosted by Grant Guillot, featured Bella Wings Aviation and its' strategic partner KLARA M/2cofly on their newest episode.

As Guam is where America Day's Begins, founder's Charlie Hermosa and Perla Cordero shares how even though we are far away from the mainland, we still fall under the rules & regulation of the FAA.

Guam is a strategic location in the Pacific, being an "America in Asia." We are surrounded by miles and miles of water and have the opportunity to grow the drone industry and conduct many tests. Bella Wings Aviation plans on bringing six core services to the island, starting this year:

  1. Touch-free delivery (with drone mailbox | Valqari)

  2. Drone advertising

  3. Inspection services

  4. Search and rescue support

  5. Drone light shows

  6. Drone photo & videography (in partnership with KLARA M)

Additional services provided by 2cofly will include drone mapping service, 3D modeling, and drone UXO surveying, managed by UAV manager Dong Won Lee.

Together with its strategic partners, Bella Wings Aviation has ambitious goals to grow the drone industry in Guam.


Listen to the full podcast here:


Charlie Hermosa | co-founder & president | Bella Wings Aviation

Pearla Cordero | co-founder & CTO/COO | Bella Wings Aviation

Dong Won Lee | strategic partner, drone pilot | KLARA M / 2cofly

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