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Not a bird, not a plane, it's Bella Wings!

By Khyomara Santana

August 31, 2022

Drones are already doing a surprising variety of jobs, including harvesting in farms, delivery and inventory. (PNC photo)

Look to the skies as Bella Wings Aviaiton takes flight!

Grand Opening

Guam's first drone lab officially opens its doors, allowing local manufacturers of drones that can be customized for every need.

The drones can be used for first responders, STEM education, videography or just for fun!

Charlie Hermosa, President and Co-founder of Bella Wings shared, "This is the one we use also for the development of the search and rescue, able to save lives. These are the things that we want to work with on a beach. Work possibly with the fire department, GPD, and so forth."

Bella Wings wants to show how drones can change the world by using them for search and rescue, education, prescription, and equipment delivery among many other tasks.

"Not far-fetched"

Pearla Cordero, a co-founder and pilot, is also the president of the Women in Aviation International Guam Chapter.

She wants to inspire women of all ages to pursue a career or an education in aviation. This is because, in the Us, only less than 5% of pilots are women.

"This is not an unattainable position," Cordero said. "Whatever decision or whatever path you choose to take in aviation, it is not unattainable, it's not far-fetched. And so that's the idea that is what Bella Wings is here for."

High standard to meet

BWA just received their first 2 orders to locally manufactured drones, 17 for school within Guam, and 3 for a privately owned company. This set the mark for the first 20 locally manufactured drones.

"So there's been a few people on Guam that've been able to make this, but this the first time that we kind of brought them all together and made manufacturing on Guam possible," the Director of Technology, Michael Quitigua shared. "So sure we can build it, but we need the people and the know-how and the training so we're ready to gather all those people and have them trained to build this kind of product."

Interested individuals with a passion for technology and aviation can visit their website at or send an email to

Reach reporter Khyomara Santana:

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